Friday, June 4, 2010

Going on an impulse

Sometimes you get things handed to you and you feel the need to respond. Time is of the essence in some cases. You end up having to drop everything and just go. That's what happened yesterday. I received an email in the afternoon, stating there was a meeting at one of the sorta local high schools at 6:30 pm. It seems someone got it in their heads to incorporate our area into a new 'City or Town'.

I was on the fence about going and hubby was too, but we went and I'm glad we did. This meeting was much more organized than the brawl that was the 'meeting' about the DOT plans for a freeway going right smack through our neighborhood... But once again horse owners and livestock were NOT considered where any of their plans were concerned.

There were two of our other neighbors at the meeting and they too had questions about how all of this would affect our subdivision. Seeing as how there were a few cards in the pile with questions about livestock and zoning changes, the organizers and panel addressed the issue. (Maybe they knew from the looks of our little group, they had damned well better!) As usual they glossed over the issue in their answer. We were told that we would not be affected by any new zoning regulations or changes. We are to be 'grandfathered in' as it is, but should we decide to sell, the new owners would be required to comply with the new regulations.

Fine, but what affect does that have on our property value? As it is, we can have as much livestock as we can reasonably fit. If we want to run a huge herd on a small parcel, as long as everyone is fed and cared for, the neighbors don't complain- life is good and do as you please.

We fought with the county not too long ago about proposed zoning changes. They wanted to limit livestock to 2 large animals per acre. Large animals being horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, sheep or goats. (I'm sure I missed something in there, but they wouldn't...)

Then that same year there was the whole fiasco and fighting over DOT plans to build a freeway through our neighborhood. Everyone had to scramble to put their 2 cents in by the short deadline, but DOT won't be deciding until 2016... That meeting was an experience and 'heated' doesn't even come close to describing it accurately enough.

DOT hadn't even planned to show up for it. Nice of them, huh? The represenatives they sent? You'll love this- they live on the other side of town! They are in no way affected by any of this. Isn't that sweet of them?

Recently the county has stirred the pot again. This time over arena lighting. Who would complain about arena lights? Most of our neighbors would ask to use the arena if they couldn't afford to put up lights on their own. We also know where to go to practice roping or barrel racing at night when the weather cools down. Since the sun doesn't set in the summer until around 8:30-9pm, the lights aren't on all that long anyways. In the wintertime it's not much of an issue either- people think its too cold to ride at night.

So now city incorporation is on the table. I hope it doesn't get too ugly from here, but they are using boundaries that divide neighborhoods in half. I have already contacted another blogger (Katphoti) who has recently moved into another neighborhood to be divided by county on one side of the street- city on the other.

Once again, horse people are getting shafted. Problem is we are armed with plenty of manure, manure forks and people to use as targets.


  1. WOW. Good luck!!!!!!

    Zoning battles SUCK.

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  3. As a friend of mine said- another prime example of horse people being pushed further and further out.

    It's happening everywhere anymore.

  4. It's always amazing to me how messed up the government entities can make things.

    Last year, My Honey and his neighbors...all three of them, were asked to come to a meeting to decide whether an access road should be allowed next to MH's property. Apparently, the people who live in the subdivision behind us are not happy that they only have one entrance to their mini-subdivision and wanted to have a second access road put in. That road would have run right next to our house.

    Yeaaa...NOT. Neither MH or his neighbor, whose land adjoins us would give permission for the road to go in. Those people were ma-aaaadddd. Couldn't understand why we didn't want them driving back and forth within 30 feet of our house.

    Good luck with your guy's deal and remember to keep on top of it, so they cannot sneak anything in.

  5. Yuck. The parcel of land I grew up on is now part of the city of Edmonton. Slowly over the years the municipla government squeezed out the small farmer in the area by anex then tax increases . My fami settled ther in 1899 and we did celebrate 100 years on the original farmsite in 1999. All that is left though is 11 acres smack in the middle of suburbia where my folks and 2 uncles live. When the city first encraoched we still had the dairy herd and beef cattle as well. Wow you should have heard the bitching "it smells ,cows are noisy...) My grandfather after the dairy was sold was appraoched by the city about the dust from harvest (the city was only on one side at that point ) I won't repeat what he said , but it was good old shithouse logic. He then held a family meeting and we decided to bring the calves in from the ranch(where I am now) one more year to wean . Back then we ran3-40 head .Damn I miss that sweet old man!

  6. The chi-chi'est new subdivision in our area is built on land I used to ride through, on some nice trails.

    Now there are half million dollar McMansions there, which is incredibly stupid, considering our town's dying economy. But the doctors & such keep buying them, while awesome properties like this one still sit:

    I like living IN TOWN. I can easily walk to a lot of places, and our 1920s bungalow is in an unpretentious neighborhood with gorgeous mature trees. I also like living IN THE COUNTRY. Like, where it gets dark & quiet at night.
    I'm not cut out for the subdivisions as they exist here.
    Now, if we were in one of those equestrian communities...... :P

  7. BEC- a road right next to the house? I'm glad for you guys it didn't go through. No way of controlling anyones speed or if they control their vehicle as it crashes through the fence, landscaping or house either...

    Fern- the dairies here have been shoved out too. Subdivisions right next to or nearly on top of them. Then the resi's complain about the smell.

    Well shit! Didn't you see the dairy when you looked at the house? Didn't you smell it then? And you bought there anyways- how stupid are you? Not unlike the people buying houses in the flight paths of airports and complaining about the noise. Yes, they have done that here too.

    What is interesting in all of this is that I have somehow become the one people are turning to in all of this. Problem is, I am not officially For or Against it. Not until I find out more about it. Everything I have learned so far- All public information, easily attainable by anyone and everyone.

  8. Cattypex- that is a GORGEOUS property. Won't you be my neighbor? Free board if you help out.... Say maybe, kids lessons on Saturdays perhaps?