Monday, June 7, 2010

Yay or Neigh, Neighbor?

So the whole topic of incorporation has been a HOT ONE in our neighborhood lately. Some of our neighbors are strongly opposed, while others are all for it. One neighbor proposed an online petition to move the boundary back, so our neighborhood isn't divided right down the middle. Yeah, that's what the 'planning committee' decided on.

But there is a lot of things out there that haven't been discussed. There are reasons it may be a good thing and other reasons it's definately NOT! The papers are all reporting that the local cities and towns are in favor. Maybe they are? But there are things the neighbors, newspapers and a lot of people are not addressing.

Everyone is up in arms thinking our property taxes will automaticly jump. We have been told that property tax increases would have to be voted on. I doubt there would be much favor for an increase, but who knows. Reality is- we already pay taxes. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, you name it- "there's a tax for that". Double taxation is illegal, but apparently Multiple Taxation is just fine...

One thing I did learn at the meeting, there is a secondary tax included in our property taxes, that is supposed to go towards public libraries. The closest public libraries are in neighboring towns & cities. The closest one to us happens to be in another county. I think there is a low fee involved to use that library, which means it is not free. Also our county has no intentions of building a library in our area. So where is that money going and what is it being used for? If not being spent on worthy causes- I want ours back!

If we become a 'county island' we pay our city sales taxes on all purchases, but we won't be entitled to vote at city meetings or be granted city services. Like a fire department, city police protection or street maintenance. The county doesn't keep the roads in the greatest shape as it is, think that will change on a county island? I honestly doubt it. Speaking of roads, ADOT has yet to decide and won't until 2016, WHERE they are putting the freeway in.

As far as the zoning and regulations regarding livestock- as it stands, we have to travel down to Florence, a reasonable distance, to argue for or against zoning changes. If we are to incorporate, it would be localized and the horse owners may be able to have a greater voice in it all. If we are a county island- it's still up to the county to do as they see fit. How is it working out for you so far?

Funny thing is, it seems to be working out that I am the one taking charge of organizing things in our neighborhood. Then again, I am known for being pretty outspoken. One neighbor came forth and posted about the online petition. Instead of knocking her for it, I asked her if she would like to help organize these meetings. I am still on the fence with this one. I want more information before I make my decision. I want what is best for our community and our neighborhood.


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  2. Chinese porn isn't good for any community!
    Glad you are keeepin your head and looking at all of it before passing judgement .Sounds to me like overall it will not help as much as the powers that be are thinking , but maybe if you are able to get invoved in a "cooler heads " manner you can help direct it to the best outcome for all

  3. Fern- the porn has been deleted. Said like the little old lady in the movie Poltergeist- "This blog is clean." Or I try to keep it that way, but sometimes the temper can get the best of me... lol Sans the porn spam links- I would gladly leave it up.

    I am considering shifting this all over to which allows you to 'block' all comments until the poster has been cleared by the admin. Comments can be flagged as spam. A nice touch compared to blooger.

    I talked to a few neighbors last night via email and phone. A lot of them are against it in every way. What they fail to consider is that being a county island- we do not get to vote in any city elections. Our city sales taxes pay for their services.

    One thing I have also considered- if it goes through, I will be applying for a city job, town council position, etc. Doing so in hopes of keeping our neighborhhod informed on the latest, being a voice for horse owners in the area and hopefully getting the others to use some common sense when devising their plans and schemes that end up screwing the little guy. If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em. I will bring the idea up to our neighbors as well. If all of us are 'on board', then flood the positions with our voices, it's got to go our way at some point.

  4. Yup, get all the information you can. One thing that I found out during a similar situation is that frequently people make up their minds based on what they think will happen, or the worst case scenario. Sometimes the benefits outweigh the negatives, other times the other way, but you just have to check it out. I could see you as mayor...

  5. Not sure I would go for the throat and try for the position of Mayor, but I have a pretty good idea that those who think they can make choices for the rest of us, probably already have the positions filled with their 'chosen few' and are just waiting for the 'go ahead' on everything to proceed.

    Wouldn't surprise me in the least if that's how it plays out!