Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patience may be a virtue, but...

sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers. These are my gladiolas. I planted them about 3-4 months ago. The packages said blooms in about 60 days. Sure they do. But it's the same with horses. Some of them come into themselves at an early age, while others seem to wait it out and take forever.

But they get there. They all get there eventually, you just have to give them some time, nurture them along and wait it out. There were 18 bulbs in the three packets. Six each in yellow, a salmon/peach color & purple & white. I am happy to say they all came up. Eventually... the last two took their sweet time, but they did finally appear.

And like the horses, its not always a complete joy ride. We have had some serious winds, which has blown them over to the point of them all leaning. As I watered them, the dirt would soften and I would try to put them back into position, returning them to upright. Then last weekend I bought a few of the tomato plant cages and worked them into the rings, trying to straighten them up and give them some support. I can't be there 24/7 for them, just like the horses.

But they are coming along. With time and care, they should all be blooming at some point. Time will tell for each of them, just like the horses, they will get there when they get there. No need to rush, good things come to those who wait, you know.


  1. And for those who may be wondering- I smelled them this morning when taking the photos- Nothing. No scent at all... What's up with that?

  2. Glads are just pretty to see , not to smell, they are a great gift for people who can't tolerate fragrance. I cannot/will not show my flower/weed beds until a much later date(lol) what a mess!
    I like this post , a kind reminder to sometimes let them grow and just be without fussingf too much . Horse take the time that they take , to grow to llearn to flourish . Each of them fit their own timetable and most of them DOn't fit ours , but in the end they are worth it

  3. We took a big tall bunch of gladiola to a friend in the hospital once. They were so over the top she just laughed and laughed. :)

    SO pretty!!!!!!!

    I threw some purple coneflower seeds in the garden one year. Nothing. Next year, nothing.

    But the NEXT year? YES!!!!

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