Monday, August 30, 2010

Back on track

A good friend of mine has been showing recently. For her area it seems they are winding things down and wrapping it all up for winter. She has hit a few small shows and done pretty well. She is happy with where things have gone, seen room for improvement and welcomed suggestions on ways to improve in hopes of doing better in the spring. Lucky for her, our show season is just getting started. She can relax and take notes so when spring time comes, she can come out guns a blazing and knock 'em dead.

I am planning to take my little guy to the schooling show next month. Funny that it will be here in what- two days? I had it in my mind that their September show was on the 19th. Good thing I just checked- it's not! It's on the 11th. Fast forward everything a bit there. I also downloaded a class list as well as filling out and printing the entry form. I like the kind you can fill out before you print. It saves a lot of trouble in misspellings and/or mispronounced names. No guessing if that is a 3, 5, 6 or an 8...

I like to print out 2 copies of the class list. One to keep in the trailer when you get there and one to keep with any ribbons you may win. I also like to make notes on the back- how many were in the class, any comments the judges may have had and of course, paired with the ribbon as a reminder of how we did. I also like to note on there- what kind of horses won. It's all good to look back on and see what you can fix and what to ignore.

Since the upcoming show date is right around the corner, I have to get after it and get everything in line. Starting with the trailer- the wasps have vacated the nest and I knocked it down the other night with the hose. I have to locate the little mans' bridle tonight and give it a good cleaning and a once over to check the buckles, keepers holes, straps and that everything is in place, in order, etc. I can't really show him in his driving bridle with the blinkers and all.

I also have to dig out my show clothes. Since we will be going into a halter class and a SHIH (Sport Horse In Hand) class, I have a few slight options. Almost two different dress codes in a way, but right now I have to try it all on and see what fits. That may be the one thing that dictates what I decide to wear. I haven't been in the ring since before the girls were born. This should be interesting. Better bust out the refreshments and lawn chairs...


  1. Great! sitting with pen poised ready to get all rthe info I need.I am pleased with how my little Cat did , and at least I didn't faint, barf, or fall on my face . I siad to one person there "we are here to learn and get comfortable "Her response was "this is exactly the place to do it"

  2. Good Luck!!! and take lotsa pictures!


    I have such horrible handwriting that any time I get a PDF form that isn't "fillable," I import it into InDesign & just type over the top of it. ;-)

  3. Just out of curiosity- do you have info on schooling shows down your way? Where are you showing on the 11th? I'm not ready to travel that far yet, and my truck/trailer are not currently trustworthy to haul down to the valley, but I am thinking toward next year... my mare and I just did really well at our second schooling show ever... 4 classes, 4 ribbons... but it's also a very small, VERY local type of show, so I'd be interested to see what might be just slightly higher on the competitive scale for next year.

    Thanks CNJ!

  4. Amy- it depends on what type of show you're looking for. I will look around and see what I can find and post some links here.

    Congrats on your accomplishments at the show. What kind of classes did you enter?

    Depending on the horse, their training level and what they are ready for, dictates which shows we attend. The show on the 11th is EVAHA- East Valley Arabian Horse Assoc. Entry fees are reasonable and it is a good show for bringing along youngsters or horses getting back into the swing of things. The judges are often local trainers and sometimes club members who have their judges card as required. Many of them offer tips for improvement while you await the announcement of placings.

    A lot of people are there to learn and have fun and although the Arab club sponsors it- all breeds are welcome. Here's a link to their website for more information. EVAHA

  5. Pleasure Horse shows-
    Blue Ribbon is a good show. Seems there are often more of the stock breed horses there, but again all breeds are welcome.

    The Show Circuit is also held at Westworld and is a good show for those getting into the ring. Another all breed open show with high point awards for each show and year end.

    Gold Star is a fun schooling show for the h/j crowd. They have a number of flat classes as well as classes for cross rails and over fences.

    Az Hunter Jumper Assoc has Category II shows which are schooling shows. These are held across the state in various locations.

    CARA- Central Arizona Riding Academy has a few schooling shows lef this fall- next one Oct 10.

    Arizona Dressage Assoc has a few schooling shows, but the fall dates have not been posted yet...

    Az Reining Horse Assoc has a couple shows left for the year at Westworld.

    Desert Reining Horse Assoc didn't find any schooling show info, but they do have a Green Reiner and Green as Grass Reining divisions. If you are interested and contact them, I'm sure they would be happy to help you get started.

    Az Cutting Horse Assoc

    Southern Az Cutting Horse Assoc

    Northern Az Cutting Horse Assoc

    Cave Creek Cutting Horse Assoc

    Not so much on actual 'schooling shows', but they have Green Horse classes for those getting started. Because of the cattle fees and everything these are a bit pricy at around $65-$85 for your 2 1/2 minutes in the ring. Even some of the green horses are tough to beat. Contacting a trainer and going for lessons is a good way to get started, but I warn you- it can be addicting.

    Az Driving & Carriage Society hosts ADT's arena Driving Trials and fun drives throught the year. This is where I will be showing my pony at their show in November.

    American Driving Society their Calendar lists numerous events across the country with a National drive coming up in Indiana at the Hoosier Horse Park. This sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Hey thanks... even if just wanted to watch, those are good places to start.

    We entered novice horse and novice rider walk/jog classes in WP, and did so well we entered the "adult" walk/jog and the walk/jog "championship" class. It's just a small little show... but my trainer wants me to be loping like a big girl by next show season... LOL. And the mare was perfect... she jogged right on by a horse having a fit like it was nothing... so I think showing might be something the horse is actually going to enjoy.

    If you google "Equistar Horse Shows" that's the one we were at in sceninc Chino Valley. :)

    Thanks for the ideas. :)

  7. Going to watch a show or two is a good way to find out what you are getting into, before hauling over and finding out too late. Some shows are a little more expensive for entries, but they attract a different level of competition. There are people who like one show will tend to stick with them and not go anywhere else, while others hit every show they can in several different clubs.

    Crazy crowd of people, those horse show kind.

  8. Well I'm just doing it for fun at the moment... and finding out (with horror) how much "real" show clothes cost. :)