Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mindless Musings

So the pony Kat has been getting a break. I have't done a lot with him. I pulled him out last week, dusted him off, tacked him up with the harness and drove him around like we have been doing it all along.

Last night I pulled him out to let him graze a little before turning him out. He's such a pudgy little booger, but he stood quietly snarfin up all he could as fast as he could, thinking I would take him aways from it. When I leaned over his back and started talking to him, he slowed down in his persuit of inhaling the grass. After a while I took him up to the front pasture and cut him loose.

Find a pile of poop, roll in it, jump up, do a few acrobatic moves, take off at light speed and do several laps. He is such a clown. I had dumped the water tub so when he realized I was still within the fence with him, he came over and nudged me. Bumped me with his shoulder to insist I scratch his itchy spots. So I did, then stopped and stepped away. When he realized I had stopped, he looked at me like "WHAT? You STOPPED?" He stepped closer and nudged me again. It's a game we play.

Me- Scratch, stop, step back, stand, and wait.
Him- Look, step closer, nudge, wait for the scratches...

While I scratch him he arches his neck and bites the air. To the point you hear, Chomp, Snap, Chomp, Chomp, Chomp, Snap, Chomp. He makes faces too, but mostly he bites the air.

Aruba has gotten some time off too. I was waiting for the farrier to come, then it has become a pile of getting after other things that haven't been getting done. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens to a lot of us. Playing a game of "catch up" makes you think how much you dislike doing ___________ so that's probably why you haven't for a while. But now it is twice the work and you dislike it even more. Talk about a vicious cycle...

I had her going in the long lines and then the last time, just as we were about to quit for the day anyhow, one of the rings came off. I have had the surcingle for about 20 years. It was about due anyways. Now we just switch over to using the saddle and keep at it. But she's been off for a while, so she will get turned out before we go back to work. Maybe a few days of just lunging.

There is a show coming up next month. I will be taking the little man, if only for halter and the sporthorse in hand classes. It will be nice getting back into the ring with him. He's a lot of fun to show and isn't FUN what it's all about?


  1. He sounds like a perfect character!! :D

    Good luck with him. And pictures of you guys all dolled up, PLEEEZ????

    And Aruba, as she musckles up. She's going to be even prettier!

    Life getting in the way. Heh. I finally got to RIDE my horse last night, after a period of intense busy-ness, heat, a thrown shoe & chewed up white hoof, houseguests, work, and his mysterious gimpiness that's 100% gone after a month of glucosamine (I will keep him on it henceforth)...

    It was AWESOME. That time off made me rethink some things, and zen out a bit so that I'm relearning how to be a tactful rider for him.

    I still need a wider saddle, though.

  2. I will keep the fun in mind this weekend , though I may need some liquid fun to keep me smiling lol.

  3. Sounds adorable... esp the comping. My mare does that when I put her bit in her mouth for about 5 seconds, every time.

    I am terrible, I prioritize my riding over chores, sleeping for work, etc...

    And speaking of shows being fun, I just was at my second horse show today and my mare and I placed in all 4 classes we entered! I am a total noob and still literally shaking scared, even though its a small local show... but in the end- yes! Definitely worth it!

    Mare is getting a couple days off, so I guess I will catch up on real life tomorrow... LOL.

    BTW- I know there are lots of AZ readers of this blog.... this guy seems like a total sweetheart and it's breaking my heart... if I was richer I'd take him but I can't justify a third horse right now. Maybe he'd be perfect for someone who reads here?