Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Start with a list

The whole mix up on my part in the show dates kind of threw me a curve. I admit, it got me thinking, but it is also a good reason to double check, well enough in advance of when, where and what time you are supposed to be there. Planning is good and helps make everything run smoothly.

Knowing the show is about two weeks away, where do I start? I make a list of things I will need and things that would be nice to have, but aren't totally necessary. The type of show you are attending is a factor when considering this. This is a schooling show. They are fun, a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere, but we all want to look like we not only belong there, but like we hope to do well. Besides, this is a starting point of bigger and better things to come later on.

My pony has been getting worked and is coming into shape nicely. He is due for a trim so he will be getting one before the end of the week. Check the schedule of when your horse was trimmed or shod last and plan to have this done before the last minute. I like to have a week or more of 'flex time' before the show in case anything comes up and needs to be addressed.

Since we are only going for the in hand classes, I will be cleaning and oiling his bridle as well. Checking it for any thin spots, cracking, the stitching, the buckles, wear points, the bit for smoothness, etc. Not all that tough but maybe a little time consuming. While I have the oil and leather cleaner out... I may as well clean and oil my dress boots, on the chance that I end up showing in breeches and all.

I will need to go through the trailer and check for hoof polish and other supplies as needed. It is a good time to fold up, put away and clear out things I won't need or be using at the show. Horse trailer tack compartments can easily become a 'catch all'. It happens to a lot of them and ours is not immune.

Cleaning it out give me a place to change clothes, room for a cooler with drinks and snacks and makes everything easy to find. The way it looks right now? Well let's just say I'm sure ours isn't the only one and it's a good thing there is no competition or judging on the tack compartments of exhibitors horse trailers.

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  1. Good grief I!I hope they ddon't judge trailer! we are looking for a new one but currently Cat is riding in style on our old Stock trailer .About 20 yrs old and a bit tired but still solid and safe . She ain't pretty though