Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily humor

Not just the weekend stuff. We all need humor in our lives at some point. A few of you may have noticed I added two blogs in the sidelines under Funny Blogs. Sexy People and Sleep Talking Man. Both have come from other readers/posters.

Sexy People has been around since 2007 and is a very clean site. No worries about seeing anything provocative there, except for maybe a few of the Glamour Grandma's posts. Renzo posts pictures that people send to him from 1998 and older. The comments are often hilarious. Pictures of families, graduation photo's, glamour shots and pretty much everything from the past we look at and think we are glad the fashion trends have changed.

Sleep Talkin Man is posted by a couple Karen & Adam. Adam talks in his sleep and says some incredibly funny and comical things. He does tend to swear and today's post contains the F-bomb for those of you who may be offended. All sorts of stuff from trading his ponies in for a zebra (pronounced zebrah with the short e sound, like the name Deborah) because if it's stripey coat, to telling people to piss off because they aren't a superstar donkey jockey. Some of it is horse related- other stuff? Who knows where he comes up with it! But is sure is funny and is sure to make you laugh. Thank you Sherry for sending me the link! It cracks me up!

A few other blogs I follow have started posting things for sale on Fridays. For Sale Fridays. Is anyone interested in doing the same here? Post your thoughts and if anything else, I can start posting tack, grooming supplies or whatever else. Maybe bridles and bits one week, pads another week, polo's and splint boots another time... Maybe we can organize it by weekly category? Let me know. I have a few things listed elsewhere and would love to see it all GO!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. First ! he he! I like the for sale fridays (funny I would) for a couple of reasons , its a good way to "sound out the ad " without putting it totally out there see if anyone can make suggestions .Also there is a decent network right here in the blogging community to "spread the word "

  2. Hmmm...very interesting. Only made it as far as the sexy people blog.
    Liked it. It was like going through the family albums of strangers.
    Weird but
    Like the idea of Friday sale days.
    Sounds like a good plan.

  3. I like the Sexy People blog, really funny and brings back lots of memories.

  4. I pop over to read the sleeptalkin man every few days, he is a damn riot, and has more one liners and zingers than most Hollywood writers seem to come up with!

  5. OMG...okay Sleep Talkin Man is just cracking me up. My favorite so far:

    "So many little people. Pet them on the head. pet pet pet pet pet...."

    You gotta wonder what he was dreaming. Was he Dorothy in OZ? What the hell. A midget petting zoo?