Monday, February 15, 2010

Scottsdale Show & That Horse

I wanted to take a quick moment to offer a shout out to a few exhibitors at the 55th Annual Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show. And even though it is called the All Arabian, they also feature Half Arabian classes....

On the home page in the link, there is a "click here", to watch the show online through iEquine. You must sign up for an account, but it is free to do so. There is also a "click here" link below it to check the results so far.

*If anyone is watching on Saturday night for the first class of the evening *Gamblers Choice*, be sure to look for JR and I on the jump crew! If I know where the cameras are, I will be sure to wave. lol! When the class is over, I am the one driving our truck around the ring. He is on the trailer loading and stacking standards and flower boxes.

We have the great pleasure of working with Jack Adams again. He is another one of the few true horseman with much to teach for those who are willing to learn. If there is any of the jumping classes on the live feed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, JR will be there, but I can't due to work and other restrictions. Stop by and say Hi! We would like to meet you. We also wish to thank the show organizers for having us back. It is always fun and we enjoy being able to help!*

Congratulations! goes out to Megan Manning and her horse Fortunes Fate on winning their class Dressage Training Level, Test 2! Sweet!!! This pair also placed 3rd in the Dressage Training Level, Test 2 JTR Stakes Class.

Good Luck goes out to Heather Martin and her horse Fortune First. They are showing today. And another Good Luck goes out to blogger Kellimare, their trainer, who has helped these two young ladies and their horses to get there.

Another Congratulations goes out to Michelle McQueen and Star of Nefereset for their 3rd place ride in Dressage Training Level, Test 1 JTR. Although I did not clip this mare for the show, I did work on her in the past for the McQueens for another show.

Way to Rock it everyone!

Congratulations also goes out to every horse and rider that has won their classes or even placed at the show. As it was said about a great woman I knew, who always sat in their farm's box seats ringside and cheered the horse that won, be it one of theirs or a horse belonging to someone else.

Lou Adams cheered equally as loud for the horse that won, because on that day, in that class, That Horse was the one that won. She was a true horsewoman and I am fortunate to have known her as well as having worked for her. She is one person I never minded being considered 2nd favorite to.


  1. I went to that show on Saterday..Awesome horses there!

  2. Thanks for the link, CNJ! I will pencil you in for my entertainment on Saturday:)

  3. Thanks for the shout out... and making both of my Fortunes look beeeeeautiful! We had a blast this weekend and I couldn't be more proud of my kids :-D

  4. Oh and Michelle and Neffi got 2nd in the Sport Horse in hand Mares ATH, with the 3rd highest ATH score overall between mares, stallions and geldings! WOOOOT!

  5. Kelli that is great news! Makes my day. Glad I could add to the effort and make the horses look like the winners they are. Always a good feeling.