Friday, February 26, 2010

For Sale Friday

Let me start by saying, I am open to posting things here on Fridays for others. Send me a photo, a description- size, color, condition- asking price and how you would prefer to be contacted, I will put it up and the rest is up to you guys. All I ask is that things are clearly, truthfully represented and reasonably priced.

I would be glad to do monthly categories too- pads, sheets/blankets & coolers, grooming supplies, show tack, halters & leads, whatever comes in, I will put it up and basically out there. Let's clear all the stuff out of the tack room that isn't being used and make way for stuff that will or can be.

I have an assortment of things that need new homes. Topping the list would be bridles. I have three English bridles I am offering up, they are each pictured with bits. The bits are available separately, since I know we all prefer different things. I am selling these in hopes of funding a new one for the new mare Boo Boo. Sometimes the problem with getting a new horse is you also have to buy more tack to fit them. I have also found, that tack has a way of multiplying behind your back.

First up is a plain hunter bridle, raised caveson and noseband, brand new and only been on a horse once to adjust the fit. Cob/Arab size- we bought it to show Psyndi and ended up selling her. Things sure have a strange way of working out. The bridle has been kept inside, recently oiled and is ready to use. I checked at the show and they sold for $70 new, I am asking $55. Laced reins are included.

Pictured with the bridle is a Korsteel brand, loose ring, French link Snaffle. Mouthpiece is 4 3/4 inches in width. It has been used only once, with the above bridle to check fit. It has since been cleaned, disinfected and is ready to use. Make offer.

Next up is a dark oil, hunter bridle with braided accents on the caveson and browband. It too has been on a horse one time to check the fit and be adjusted. In the photo one of the keepers has come loose on one end. It has been repaired, the bridle has been oiled, kept inside and is ready to use. Laced reins included. $45 or best offer. This fit my OTTB mare.

The pelham bit pictured on the bridle above has also seen very little use. It was purchased for a show back in 2000. After the show, the rider quit, the horse was retired and the bit has been a decorative item since... It has been recently cleaned, checked over, disinfected and is ready for use. The mouthpiece is 4 3/4 inches with 4 inch shanks. Make offer.

Last up I have another hunter bridle, dark brown leather, laced reins included. Kept inside, recently oiled and ready to use.

Pictured on this bridle is a mullen mouth pelham bit. 5 inch mouth, 4 inch shanks, lightly used but recently cleaned, checked, disinfected and ready to use. Make offer.

I also have a Korsteel eggbutt snaffle, 4 3/4 inch mouthpeice. Checked, cleaned and disinfected, make offer. Pictured on the trailer fender.

I would be more than happy to ship a bridle complete with bit of your choosing. I ship USPS flat rate priority mail. Contact me through email and yes- Pay Pal is accepted.

I also have a pair of Oster A5 Turbo 2 speed clippers, a contoured leather hunter girth 44" (new! & still on plastic hanger tag),
two pony sized carts (Meadowbrook and a metal training cart), a nylon harness (pony), a leather harness (pony, nothing fancy), a Weathabeeta turnout sheet (size 63), a leather harness (horse, rough shape = low price) and several pairs of SMB splint boots. Let me know what you are interested in and I will gladly give you the details on it and pictures.


  1. Where are de pitchers???

    I have a mid-1980s vintage Silver Royal for sale...
    15" seat, fits most average Quarter Horses and larger Arabs.
    Used very few times. Mint condition, SOLID, sturdy, just enough silver.
    Beautiful deep chestnut color - tooled in an oak leaf & acorn design.
    Freshly cleaned & oiled. Very little wear on the seat.
    Made back when Silver Royal was a much more respected name in the industry.
    Perfect "starter" show saddle.

    Included is a classic one-eared headstall with flashy silver buckles, silver bit hangers. Flatters many head shapes. Not sure of the brand, but the leather is quite nice. Includes decent reins and fairly generic bit. All it needs is a curb strap, and you're ready for the first show of the year!

    Asking $500 for the set.

    (OBO to yous guys.)

  2. You didn't mention if posting something that we were wanting was allowed but I thought I'd try anyway:) I have embarrassingly large feet. Size 13 in women's and I am desperately searching for a pair of field boots to show in. Men's 11-12 will work, but are not easy to find, even new. So if anyone knows of a pair could you reach me through my blog? Thanks a ton!

  3. Great Idea cnj, I will link my "Fridays for sale" to yours as well if you want. I am going to need a show halter ,I have one but It likekely will only fit the Phoenix ,not the fat baby

  4. CP- I will be putting them up when I get home. Otherwise, I have them on my phone and can shoot them to you if you'd like...

    The girth and the one bridle may fit our Arab stally, but he is nowhere near show ready and doesn't seem to care either way. If we do take it that far, I'll just buy another one. IF he goes hunter...

    He could very well be a decent western horse. In which case I am toying with the thoughts of your saddle... Ooooh Shiny! If you want to send photos, I'll use it as the feature next week.

    HorseMom- I had just found a website the other day with a TON of mens stuff on there- reasonably priced! and decent to high quality. I will go look for it again and post a link when I find it.

    Wanted ads? Post them! I have no problem with that. maybe that could be a whole category of it's own on a Friday. There's always something each of us wants...

    FV- I have a link to your blog on the sidelines of mine already and yours has mine too. If you want one in the comments- I'm good with that too and maybe that should be the first comment on each one?

  5. HorseMom-
    Equestrian International in PA has some great deals from time to time. I found and bought some breeches for around $20 a pair in their overstock/specials section- 2 pairs for schooling, one for showing. I also found a great deal on my helmet there too.

    They have mens Devon Aire Nouvelle field boots for $169.95. Sizes 11.5 regular and wide calf, 12 regular and 12.5 regular calf.

    The other one I found was Country Supplies. They have the Ariat Bromont Tall H20 Field Boot- Mens for 244 GBP, (sorry no sign for it on my computer) which figures out to $372.06 USD plus shipping... which makes them a bit pricey! but if you are buying one pair to do everything in, schooling, showing and otherwise and they are that comfortable then sometimes it is understandable to overlook the price tag a bit when considering the quality of the product...

    I will see if I can find any other links to help you in your search. There are a number of men riding out there, they have to buy their stuff Somewhere!

    CP- Country Supplies also carries you favorite style- Harry Hall Warwick Breeches- Mens. They may be listed under mens and will set you back about $100 + shipping, but if you love them that much... Yes they are still around!

    I'm liking a few of their other brands on there too. Hac-Tac, Caldene, Mark Todd...

    Oh the money I could spend...

  6. PF- Country Supplies also has a Muzzle Net for:

    -Effective relief from the symptoms of head shaking.

    Not sure if bugs in your horses nose are the cause of it, but sometimes the craziest things turn out to be the right answer. Who knew?

  7. I have a 19 med-wide/wide English All Purpose saddle. CNJ..would you post the pictures for me?

    I paid $300 for it and that's all I'll ask..extremely comfortable! It really is an all purpose..longer flaps for flat/Dressage and nice knee rolls (removable) for Jumping/Eventing.

    I has fit a differnt horses comfortably. Irish Draughts, QH, Grade etc. It's currently in TX, buyer pays shipping

  8. CNJ..I might take one of your Bridles for a gift for a friend

  9. It's looking like next Friday will be "Saddle Day". Everyone get your pictures in and I will put them up. Unfortunately that is the one thing I do not have an abundance of- saddles.

    C3D- I has the pics and will do.

  10. How much do you want for the horse harness? And pictures please? :D

  11. thanks for the links for the boots!

  12. Liri- I will get pic's this afternoon. I'm not even sure about a price yet, to be honest. It may be one of those- make offer type deals. One of our boarders left it behind when they moved.

    HorseMom- no problem. There's another one Greenhawk's out of Canada. They carry a LOT of stuff and have some good deals, but their boots only went up to a ladies 10 or 10.5, so not much help in that category.

    GL- thank you for being 14th! :)

  13. Liri- I have pictures of the harness. If you want to drop me an email, I can send them over and give you the rundown on it.

  14. I am looking for a specific saddle...

    A used Billy Cook All-Around saddle-15", FQH bars with a minimum gullet of 7-1/2", but prefer 7-3/4". Good condition, but doesn't have to look like "new".

    In the absence of such a find, I am looking for;

    A similar quality barrel type saddle-15", same criteria for the bars and gullet(FQH-7-3/4" gullet), square skirt, with back cinch latigos(I don't mind replacing the back cinch though).

    I am not particular about tooling/silver(or absence of)...the most important part to me is the FQH bars and 7-3/4" gullet.

    If anyone knows of something along those lines, you can email me at fast_draw45 at Thanks

  15. Are the two other headstalls cob sized as well or horse size?

  16. I'm gonna go put up some flyers at a big swap meet in a few... not worth renting a booth for ONE saddle...

    I think it's kind of a Swap Meet time of year!!

  17. The one with the Pelham looks nice...

    DAMMIT my car won't start.

    A 2002 Mercedes shouldn't have issues. Esp. since we put a new battery in it. Dumkopf Krautrökket...

  18. FV- the first one that is an Arab/cob size. The braided one fit the OTTB mare and the other one fits the QH mares, but not the TB mare... If needed, I can measure them and post the info.

    CP- A dead car is always a PITA. Usually happens at the most inconvenient time ever...

  19. I would very much like to see pictures of Catty's Silver Royal.
    I remember the older Silver Royals and they are much like the older Circle Y's in quality.
    With a tighter twist in the seat that make them a pleasure to ride in.
    CnJ do you have any western working snaffle complete bridles?
    Nothing fancy but as I hear it will be April or later before I get my stuff back I could use something now.
    Something in the $35+ shipping range?

  20. OK, so how do I post pix??

    I need to take more... but I will email you a crappy cellphone shot Dena! And anyone else who asks...

  21. Cattypex- If you want to email me a few, I would be happy to feature yours and C3D's next week, if anyone wants to wait that long...

    I'm thinking one English one western would be good.

  22. Dena, the only western bridles we have are the ones we use- browbands with the futurity knot, offset D-ring snaffles. I will see if JR can spare one, or if he doesn't miss it in my cleaning/purging binge.

    Otherwise I do have one Tory leather, (true) dark oil, one ear headstall. I may be able to find a loose ring snaffle to go with it, but ya just aren't getting my big ol' fat reins... them's mine. Hubby won't even use them! so pure gold in some respect. Te he he.

    I will see what I can find though and get it out to ya. I did come across a sporty little black pony bridle that will be heading your way. Along with a few other things for your prophetic little man there.

  23. What's the best way to measure what bit size your horse needs? I have a quarter horse mare with a teensy head and that eggbutt snaffle might fit her.

  24. Smazourek- if you have a bit you are using, measure the mouthpiece on that. Inside of the ring to inside of the ring. If you have a couple of bits that you can borrow, measure and try on her for fit, even better.

    A lot of bits are 4 1/2, 4 3/4 or 5 inch which are pretty much the industry standards. It's amazing the difference in the comfort level a 1/4 or 1/2 inch can make.

  25. Thanks, for some reason I was expecting some sort of complicated math equation where you'd have to measure the horses muzzle, divide by half, multiply by pi...

    I think I can get my hands on a few different sizes to try on her.

  26. Smazourek- yeah, I had to think about it too for a minute.

    What is the easiest way to measure? Stick the measuring tape through their mouth? I'm thinking that probably wouldn't go over well. Not with a lot of horses out there.

  27. Catty I saw the picture. Even better than I thought it would be.
    I wish I could afford it. But I am broke.
    I would highly recommend that anyone who is not broke snap it up!
    It is a great price on a very well made and hard to find saddle.

    CnJ I saw. Micah I am sure will be thrilled! Thanks for thinking of him...

  28. Thanks Dena!

    I had to trawl the Interwebs to figure out how to price it....

    It's quite a pretty saddle. Just enough silver, and I like that it's inlaid in the skirts instead of just looking all aftermarket.

  29. Catty you said it best. "Back when the name Silver Royal meant something."
    People do not always know that tack manufacturers have first, second, third, and even fourth line runs.
    I am crazy for the tree in yours!
    I was telling CnJ that there is not much a person couldn't do in a saddle like that.
    It's a beauty!

  30. CP- I am still offering to put it up on Friday if you whould wish to send pics. And now that Dena has seen it, I am incredibly curious. And thinking our little stally Pal may need to go back to work long enough to figure out how he should be shown... (should it be western, well then, we may need to talk!)

    Being a leather snob like you have described yourself, I am also tempted to make an offer, just because. I have been known to buy quality tack, just to have it around if for no other reason than looking at it in awe.

  31. It's not FANCY, but it's pretty. I sent you my one janky cellphone photo...

    It's that chestnut color just this side of brown.

    I like the seat - no buildup on the front. It retailed for $1,200 - $1,500 in the early '80s. My parents got it half price because a family friend owned a little tack shop, and I got it for XMas. Of course I'd tried it - the rep. from Jack's Tack came around all the time with new stuff, and Rebecca would call me to come over & check it out.

    It weighs 1,000,000,000,000 lbs. SOLID, dude. Solid.

  32. Great to here i have a quick question on what type of equestrian clothing brand you would recommend?