Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fun

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and during our conversation I had a rather strange and unusual thought. There is a large group of us bloggers and she has planned on us all getting together, may be happening around the spring of 2011 if we can all pull it off...

Anyways we were talking about a person who is continually playing a submissive and passive role in everything in life. This person had turned to the group for support of some kind, not sure exactly what yet myself, but support. And that's when it struck me.

For the most part this group is comprised of women. Strong willed, hard headed women. We don't take crap off our horses who out weigh and by far out muscle us, some are even taller than we are. (I know Tess was and now Boo Boo is in this category.) If we compared ourselves to the herd it would be a herd of alpha mares. Alpha mares don't often get along, let alone let anyone else slip by in life on anything that holds their interest.

So I was thinking, what other traits do we each have, as compared to our horses? I know I am not exactly conformationally correct or a halter prospect, being offset at the knees and having an undershot jaw... I am also not exactly speedy as far as running so I would NEVER make it at the track and my knees ached this morning so I may be in need of injections. Better call the vet!

But I am an easy keeper, low maintenance and like to work. My nails, or rather hooves are pretty strong, don't often chip too easily, don't require sanding or polishing and I lack feathering. lol! With the twins having red hair and our older daughter being a bit darker haired, if I were breeding for color- what are my odds? Would my 'owner' need Regumate to deal with mood swings? Am I mare-ish?

Let's hear it. This could be fun. If you were a horse for sale, how might the ad read?


  1. 17 hand red chestnut TB mare, aged.
    Hard keeper, shark-fin withers, excellent scope, has heaves, cribs and weaves.
    Excellent jumper, sound and willing.

    To Approved mental hospitals only.



  2. 16.1 h grade Irish mix, moody mare but does great on Regumate. Getting on in the years but still has alot of spunk. Currently in pasture shape and since she's an easy keeper that's a large pasture shape.
    On the lazy side but enjoys trail rides and trailer rides. Once brought back into shape has a good engine in her.

    Looking for a forever home that will bring her back into shape and get her into low level eventing. Nice big rump for the power of jumping and dressage, big chest, some back issues but can be worked on.

    Likes the boys tolerates the girls. Looking for a spacious pasture, lots of regumate and someone who knows the quality of the Irish breeding

  3. Oh..she's seal bay w/the neat white chromine in main and tail. Loves going barefoot and enjoys apples, carrots, beer, donuts and chocolate.

  4. Chestnut German Warmblood, 15.2 hands--so not too tall or not too short. Good bone, middle aged mare in need of more work as she's a very easy keeper. Just "looks" at food and adds weight.

    Loves trails, but not fond of arena work, so not a dressage horse. Can be temperamental, but is not dangerous unless you push her too far..then watch out!

    Sound for the most part, with some good days, some bad days and a little arthritis in her neck. A few good stretches get the kinks out though.

    Still some good years left in the old girl.

  5. You guys are cracking me up!

    This is just way too funny.

  6. dang, that was lame.
    I totally forgot temperament.
    "For experienced only."

  7. Ok, I will have a go here.
    14.2 Solid Qh/appy type Bay roan (damn age)conformationally chalenged, used to be a wild'un but settled into an everyday anybody kinda gal(nope that makes me sound like a ho!)
    quiet easy going in a herd unless provoked then can and will take out the trouble makers !
    poor brodmare prospect ,but good with the young ones.
    Fitness to be tied

  8. 14.3 QH Sorrel stud, left a testicle stuck to a fence post trying to jump over fence to the neighbors pastue to breed the mares. Produces well and great with kids. Great cutting horse that loves his job just not some of the riders. Loves to have ears scratched. Clips ties and trailers but may kick the shit out of a farrier if he does a lousy job. Inquire within.

    (years ago we actually had a stallion held hself on a t post, so this is not about me!)

  9. Beautiful, registered QH mare! 15.1 HH brilliant Strawberry blonde sorrel with lots of chrome, very flashy. Still young with lots of spunk, is great on trails, but also likes arena work. Athletic and is good at a variety of disciplines. Excellent mover.

    This mare is for the experienced rider only, needs patience, light hands and a laid back type of rider, as can get pissy with too much control. Does not suffer idiot or sloppy riders. Does well with Regumate but chocolate does just as well. Shelly hooves that crack and split, will need good farrier assistance(hey chrome comes with a price) Never lame, sound in body and mind(mostly). This mare is a definite go getter, once you get her going, can get hot, so handle with care.

    She's a little out of shape, took the last year off for first foal, but can be brought back up to show shape in no time. Clips without a twitch, loves bathing and grooming. Practically loads herself in a trailer.

    This mare has produced a fabulous first time foal, so could be considered for breeding. However the mating with the stallion was unplanned, so if you don't want a foal, keep fertile Myrtle away from the studs and plan accordingly.

  10. 16.1 DraftX- aged pasture puff, almost totally grey roan. Easy keeper, foundered at one time and episodes of lamness on left front, arthritic. Greenbroke, Honest and willing, Easy to catch, tie, groom, trailer. Seeking forever home with plenty of treats. Free, see my ad on Craigslist.

  11. 14.3 Hand Welsh/Connemara/TB cross hony mare. Medium Brown Bay with a white star and no other chrome. Likes things her way but is also willing to listen if approached properly. Gets along with almost everyone. Not bitchy marish so no regumate needed but sensitve so needs a steady, experienced rider.

    Excellent work ethic and very versatile, likes trying lots of things.

    Athletic and scopey but now "mature," so needs some minor maintenance. Currently out of shape but can easily be brought back into fine form with some regular riding. This mare has become quite the air fern, so feed costs are pretty minimal.

    Excellent ground manners for anything you want to do.

  12. Older gray mare. (What's late middle age in horse years?) Slightly taller than average.

    Excellent schoolie; loves and takes care of her students. Kind, but can irritable. Somewhat lazy and occasionally scatterbrained. Curious, and gets into everything.

    Cannot work at the moment due to lack of condition and over-feeding. Needs daily medication. When fit again, could probably could only do light work, due to mild arthritis.

    Her dam was a well-bred TB, with a good pedigree and many titles. Sire was a grade stock horse, and a willing worker. Rodeo'd hard in his younger days. Both had excellent conformation.

    Great schoolie; loves students Kind, but can irritable. Very smart, somewhat lazy, and occasionally scatterbrained. Curious, and gets into everything. Works well for rewards, but not for punishments.

    Stands well for farrier and vet. Does not like to be clipped, but doesn't panic. Trailers easily.

    Not a broodmare; has never settled.

    Ruthie, who "ain't what she used to be."

  13. 16h chestnut mare. Breed undetermined.
    Temperament unstable.
    Age none of your damn business.
    Has been known to bite. Probably will eventually kick.
    Think to ride her with a crop or spurs and you will be riding whatever she chooses to throw you on.
    Will carry a beginner if they can catch her.
    Does not perform for treats.

  14. 18 hand seal brown horse. Has attained highest levels of schooling. Patient with beginners, but if she thinks she knows what you are doing, watch out. She bites HARD. Also aims and plans her revenge.
    Easy keeper but fussy about quality of food.
    Has had four foals, all are in training and doing well. Two have gone on to highest levels of training. 2 are still in basic training. 3 palomino one BRIGHT chestnut. ALL foals have same attitude problems as mother. But can be a joy to work with such talent.
    She is sound with no health problems, comes from a long line of Throughbreds, same line bred for over 200 years on same farm.
    This line lives a LOOOONG time with good health and soundness right up to the end.

  15. Whoah, I'd buy Kaede in a heartbeat.

    If I had a barn;)

  16. Hubby just took me to the red lobster for supper , so now this stout bay roan feels like she may founder imminently!

  17. Oh man FV, I am SOOOO jealous!! Me LUVS some Red Lobster!! I went there quite a bit when I was pregnant, it was heavenly!! Add on a lobster tail for me!! I always need a wheelbarrow just to get out the door. Mmmm...Cheddar Biscuits!

  18. Large Thoroughbred mare. Black type, blue blooded royalty. Produced a few stakes winners and Grand Prix jumpers when bred to equally talented sires. Ridden for a short time in the Queens Regiment until she attacked the drum horses and ate the flowers from the Queens hat.

    Known to kick and bite as well as being nearly impossible to restrain when handled too firmly. Will not tolerate roughness. Finicky eater, weaves, cribs and is incredibly high strung. May pace the fencline when turned out but doesn't always greet you at the gate. Requires a stall during inclement weather, blanketing in winter, fly spray and musters in summer.

    Well behaved for the farrier and stall cleaners as they are viewed as servants. Can otherwise be unpredictable, spooks, bolts and known to attack yappy dogs.

    Not for the faint of heart or beginners but once established as confident and kind, if treated with respect she can come around.

    Someone do me the favor and please take her off my hands.

  19. It just occured to me that if we all dropped to all fours(shut up JR)we would be class A and Class B minis.
    Or, really butt high.LOL

  20. 15.3h paint mare, sorrel overo with two blue eyes. Light built but strong. Experienced riders only. Stubborn and testy at times, but a hard worker. Western bred and loves the cows. No big names in her bloodlines, but a great mare.

    Hmm thats all I can come up with!

  21. 16.1h dark chestnut mare. Has mellowed with age, but will still give you extended trot in a butt buried motorboat frame or one tempis across the diagonal but will feel it the next day.

    Still an athlete but needs her joint supplements. Even allows beginners around, but gets reactive and volatile with the unkind experts. Steady tempo, good rhythm, balanced, yet twitchy...don't be too on the aids, gets a hair claustrophobic.

  22. 15HH Brown mare, no chrome, but cleans up nicely. Competetive performance horse for experienced riders only. Get on and let her do her job. Regular conditioning and light tune-ups only. Not a practice horse-does not tolerate fumbling and bumbling well.

    Has produced one upcoming star, but her reproduction days are over. Just use her to get the job done and then can her as she will most likely be an irritating, crabby old bat to keep around.

  23. 15 hand bay mare, wishes she was naturally Palamino. Life long eventer. Slightly high maintenance, must wear matching polo wraps, saddle pad and coordinate with riders apparel choice to feel pretty and perform well. Enjoys regular massages and accupuncture. Fairweather show horse, willing to work under ideal conditions only, no snow, no rain, no blazing heat. Quiet, kind disposition unless provoked, somewhat irrational at 'that time of the month' but nothing a few cookies couldnt help her work through. Honest and sensitive, thinks she knows it all so requires an experienced, knowledgable rider. Not interested in becoming a brood mare. Ever. Thank you :)

  24. LOL, cute. (BTW, I'm a natural palomino that wishes she was a natural chestnut!)

    16hh Sorrel QH/Draft cross mare, easy keeper, has a haybelly right now, needs some exercise and muscling. Tends to be on the lazy side and sour if forced to work, can perform if properly motivated. Stumbles frequently, not a prospect for high-level competition but would love to be your next pasture-pet and trail horse. Goes barefoot, not high maintenence.

  25. 16.3 hand Prussian Warmblood / Irish draught cross, dark bay roan (may be a gray, as there are more white hairs every year, but she hasn't been DNA tested). She has good bone and great feet. She shows a real volunteer spirit under saddle, honest as the day is long, and is an easy keeper, although regular chiro visits are a good idea to keep her in top shape. She did have some alignment issues in left pelvis and a few minor side bows in both hind legs, but is currently sound and all of her endurance competitions were after these minor problems. All radiographs and vet records available.

    She has done jumping (free jumped over four foot) and a few medium distance endurance rides. Very solid and sturdy cross country, doesn't mind water, mud, or ditches, and also enjoys dressage. This is a very bold mare.

    She does have the beginnings of minor arthritis, but it is easily managed. She has been sitting lately not doing much, and we want her to go to a home that will use her while she still has plenty of good years in her.

    She tends to be an alpha mare, but is often aloof in the field and there are very few real skirmishes.

    She does show definite preferences and opinions of who handles her, so her new owner must come ride and interact several times so we can determine if this is a good match. She has never been bred, and if her behavior towards some of our foals is an indication, it's probably best if you NOT breed her. Not marish when in season.

    Special consideration to eventing/field hunter home. NHers need not inquire (my insurance won't cover your visit).

  26. [late]

    12-year-old 14 hand Welsh/Halflinger mare.
    Easy Keeper, out of shape
    Very kind, but sensitive. Will balk if you try to "show her who's boss." Very forgiving of beginners. Slightly lazy but very smart; learns quickly.
    Loves kids, loves to be groomed & messed with. Hates flies.
    Great trail horse.

    Has had one foal, a beautiful little palomino filly. Lusitano-cross sire on premises.