Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fields of Clover

So this isn't exactly a field of clover, more like weeds, but still green, edible and non toxic for the horses sake... That is my pony stallion, Kat, from way back when at my friends place.

As a handful of people know, this week has been a rough one at the Rotten palace. My big, red mare, Tess was kicked in the shoulder sometime during the night Friday, and it is not looking good for her. In fact it is looking pretty damn grim. The vet will soon be out to help pass her on to someone in heaven, who is in need of a good jumper.

Last night after giving her her meds, I held her head in my arms and kissed her as I told her she would soon be in a better place. The vet would take her pain away and that she had no reason to be nervous or scared. She will be well cared for, looked after by some of the best horsemen ever(!), can sail over jumps as she pleases and we will surely meet again.

With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I thought about all of the horses I have handled, ridden, groomed and otherwise held or helped through a lot of issues or tough times in their lives. All things considered, there have been many, and yet, there will be many more to come. Of that I am sure.

One mare who made quite an impact in my life was a mare who I had several years ago. She was at one time a Nationals Top Ten Western Pleasure horse. A friend of mine got her from the BNF and held her for the neighbor, who was giving her to their daughter for Christmas. While she was at the barn I worked at, they told me to ride her one day, to keep her 'in tune' until she went to her new home.

Sitting on her back that day, I wished I could have a horse like her...

As luck would have it, several years later, I helped her and her owner, get her through a broken leg, the resulting compensatory founder and the endless good and bad days in her life. She was eventually sold and unfortunately, where she was, she was not receiving the best of care. So without any reasoning I could explain, I made an offer to buy her, which was declined.

Instead they just gave her to me. This is the Mighty Mo a short time after I got her hooves brought back to decent shape, weight back on her and she resembled the horse I had once known. She was in rough shape, but was quickly brought back around. There were even days I was able to ride her again.

But as we neared the end, her good days were becoming outnumbered by the bad. Knowing what this mare had been through, makes it somewhat easy for me now, to do what's best for the horse. Even if that means letting them go.

Mo's best friend was my daughters pony Pi.

This was from a show back in December of 2000. My daughter rode her in a walk trot class at Westworld. Fifth out of five horses in the class... ah well, I was and am still proud of them.

The pony that everyone thought was 'grey' at that show had a hell of a big trot in those short little legs!

And she could jump, while still being the solid, packing, gentle as you go babysitter as ever.

There have been a few other animals as well...

My boxer Punkin

JR's dog Sassie at my moms

and in the snow...

So this Thanksgiving, when everyone is gathered to give thanks for the good things in your lives, don't be saddened about those who have already passed. Let go of any regrets you may have about things you could not control.

Instead, be thankful they have been a part of your life. For they have helped you become the person you are today. By going through whatever you have together, you have learned something and can now pass those experiences and knowledge on to others. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. This is so beautiful. I love "the someone in heaven needs a jumper". God Speed Tess..You will be missed.

  2. Tears, sorry CNJ, a beautifully written post. Heres to Tes, and Mighty Mo, and all the others that have enriched our lives with thier grace. And to you as well . Our Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I will give thanks for you and your endurinfg love of animals

  3. Thanks for being there, CNJ & Crew.

    Sheeesh, how do you do that?
    I feel better, and I'm here to try to make YOU feel better.

    Wise woman, y'are.

    To Your Horses, Past, Present, and Future.

    Lucky beasts they be.

  4. I will send in email my thoughts. Warm wishes you always have.

  5. Except for this part. Tied in the knee or not Tess was my kind of horse.
    I just like looking at her images.
    And the ponies oh my...
    And the pups.
    And the words. God girl you are eloquent.
    I know you and some others walked me through my recent losses.
    First ones that didn't involve many a bottle and a few thousand in legal expenses.
    JR you know the drill. Give her a big hug from me. And thanks for having the immediate future covered.

  6. This is bad news. Very sorry Cut. I wish you the best, and a Happy Thanksgiving. You're in my thoughts.

  7. As tough as it has been and as tired as all of this has left me, there are still things to do, horses to look after and things to be thankful for. One of which would be the incredible outpouring of supportive thoughts, well wishes and concern so many have come to show for a horse they have only seen in pictures and people they have never even really met. I guess claiming, 'But it's the Internet', only goes so far when holding water in some cases...
    *shrugs* who knew?*

    GL- we all have plenty of horses, dogs and other pets in our lives to be thankful for. They have each brought us something to learn from them, something to share and have helped to make each of us who we are today. Go Lightly, Tad Plaid and several others have taught you a great many things. For sharing them through your blog, I too am greatful for whatever I may learn.

    Dena- that only shows them from the sides. From the front, those legs were pretty wonky. So much so, we almost passed on bringing her home. So glad we didn't. But for having wonky legs, the mare could jump and loved doing it.

    And for those who say there are no free horses, you can bet your ass, you're right. Losing one, sure costs your heart, a hell of a lot! Paying it is worth every cent, and then some, just for the sake of having the chance to have
    known them.

  8. CNJ,

    Late to say it, but I'm so sorry to read about your mare. Big hugs from the Midwest and a prayer or two coming your way.


  9. CNJ,

    Late to say it, but I'm so sorry to read about your mare. Big hugs from the Midwest and a prayer or two coming your way.


  10. Oh had long legs and red hair.
    You were the best Phone Sex Operator Mare.

    You floated on the flat and over jumps with grace.
    You rarely planted Momma on her face.

    You left us much too soon.
    But we know you are off jumping the moon.

    I know we never met.
    But you, my heart will not soon forget.

    See you at the pearly gates.

  11. Oh man... that's tough. :(


    It takes special people to love animals, let them go, and keep on loving more.

    A young friend just lost her lifelong horse partner this week to colic. I hope that like you, she can remember that there will be more horses to love in the future.

  12. A toast and a tear for the herd we will someday see again.

  13. CP- I just found out yesterday that a friend of mine recently lost one of theirs to colic too. Another nice mare that produces really nice foals. And yes we will keep going back for more... Let your friend know our thoughts are with her too, but there are a number of greats in the horse world, there to care for them until we meet again.

    They each bring a lesson in life to be learned. What they teach us may be tough to grasp at moments, but remains with us for the rest of our days. They come to each of us for a reason.

    Kestrel- *raises a glass* Well said!
    That's gotta be quite the herd.

  14. CNJ,

    Just read this, I am so sorry about Tess. I was hoping for the best, but sometimes it just doesn't happen and you have to do the right thing.

    It is never easy, but she knew you loved her!

  15. How are ya now, darlin'?

    I love kestrel's words, don't you?

    A toast and a tear, amen.

    Thinking of you, hoping you're hangin' in.

    Just, thanks.
    Your comment made me cry.

  16. GL- hopefully those were happy tears, remembering all of the good things and good times all of the horses from your past, brought to your life.

    The three mares in my post have all brought a wealth of different things to me and the family. Good times, happy moments, great memories, as well as how to do things, how not to do things, how to stop, focus and ask for things the right way- slowly, clearly and correctly, praise when done right, if not, just stop and try again. No big deal, it will come, accept the effort and move on. So much to learn, I am greatful to have such good horses and people to learn it all from!