Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is Patience. I'll just let the photo's speak for themselves...

And that is me standing next to her this morning. Her towering over me. She is a gentle giant. It is windy as can be today- so yes a jacket, sweats and my muck boots. You would think we lived in the arctic or something. *eyeroll*

Looking to the future.

Not the best side view, but we are allowing her to settle in. Insert excuse to make everyone wait for another round of better photo's. Sure.

Yes she is a bit long, but when bred to a short coupled stallion, she has produced some really nice foals.

As I promised before, we will soon discuss things to look for and at, when considering a horse that could be your new acquisition.

Just took the last two this evening and put them up.



  1. And just for clarification on her size, when I stand next to the rails, the top rail is just about eye level. I am 5'2, she is 16.2

  2. She iz GORGEOUS! Wow! My old Morgan is long backed too, but he rides like a limo.

  3. too cool. I can't wait. Look at her beautiful eye! yeah for Pat. (oh as I write this by the pool, I'm in Michael arctic coat, jeans but bare foot-don't ask)

  4. LongBacked often = +++scope, and smoother easier to ride movement.

    droooling, here:)

    Oh, WHEW! I thought, for some reason, you were tall. You ain't so tall.
    Patience was a giant, until I read that:)

    She's gorgeous, CNJ! Congratulations!
    To going Forward, and onward.
    And ToWard.
    and now I'm sounding sillier.
    ditzy bitch out:)

  5. Too funny CNJ! I have the exact same muck boots! In purple too! Patience looks lovely and sweet. I don't mind a longer backed horse either.Can make for a great riding horse

  6. She is one of the sweetest mares. And coming from someone who was not a fan of mares... well then.

    GL- I am not so tall. For me to find a horse taller than I am, not so tough to do.

    I still miss Tess, but this mare will be a great distraction for that.

    Wondering what she has to teach me? Hmmmmm...

  7. I like her.
    A lot.
    (wipes drool away again)
    I better eat:)

    She looks like an athlete.

    Can hardly wait to see more!

    I'm giggling, CNJ. I yam 5'8.5".
    Short people make me laugh.
    And cower, too:)
    My older sister is um, vertically shorter than me.
    She's da Boss, though:)

    I often wished I WaS shorter. More pony opportunities:)

    Keep da pictures coming!
    Asked with all due respect.
    I'm sure you're just laying about, reading e-mails & having massages:)
    How are the twins, anywho?? Keepin' ya a TAD busy;)

  8. Awww CNJ, she is lovin on you.

    I never wanted a mare either but I have Whinnie and she is very special. There is so much difference between a mare and a gelding, and so much difference in how you deal with them.

    Hey, glad to meet another petite lady like myself, I am just under 5.3". I am lucky in that the way I am built allows me to look okay on many different sizes of horses.

    I am so glad you have a new mare in your life. While she will never take the place of Tess, she will carve a new place in your heart just for her.

  9. I forgot to mention. Patience was at the inspection last month and likely stalled across the aisle from the mare my friend was handling that day.

    As they came I to the barn, I looked up and mentioned how ya just gotta love those bays...

    Look where that got me!

  10. Is my practice baby incubating yet?give Pal a thrill and I will take the result.
    Can I get that in chestnut with a thumbprint of white between the eyes?
    Boy, girl, I don't care so much.
    Get on it already.
    I have no jumper dammit!!!
    I love the look in her eye.

  11. Very cute. I like the nose. That long giraffe neck reminds me of my very high-headed TB mare.
    What is she?

  12. 14th, for Patience!

    (waving like an idiot at PF)

  13. PF- she's Canadian Warmblood and has also been inspected and is registered with ISR Oldenberg, listed in the main mare book.

    Her sire is the Holsteiner stallion Cambridge and she's out of the TB mare Chris Mills. She has produced a filly by Fellini, a colt by Rivano, a filly by Sempatico and a colt by Quidams Rubin. All inspected and registered.

    She is the 2000 model.

  14. Ah...Fancy-schmancy.
    I did think I saw some TB in there. I love the TB's (and the appendix...). Even though I'm still working on getting my 10 years off from riding body back in shape to be able to keep up with my 20 year old TB mare who thinks she is still 3 and ready to tear up the track. Horses are crazy amazing athletes!
    (Waves back at GL!!!!)

  15. so very excited for CNJ & the Rotten Ranch. I know a Black & White Pinto Warmblood stallion we could breed her to or an Appaloosa Sporthorse stallion???

    (Falling over LMAO!!!)

  16. Oh...lets breed her to Omega Fahim, and you can give me the baby. I wouldn't want you stuck with some half arab cull...I'll step up for you and take on the burden. That way you can see if she's a good mom. I'm so good to you CNJ. So giving, and without agendas. Yup, that's me.

  17. snickerrrrr...

    Yeah, HP, you are always the altruist.
    How selfless of you.


  18. HP- you're cracking me up! Glad to see you posting here.

    Don't think half Arabs haven't crossed the mind. Nope, nadda, not one bit... *snork*. Besides we has a stally out back, he just needs a running start and a trampoline to help him reach. Of course he doesn't meet the critical eye of one lurking person, but then it's not like I am bound by her opinion either.

  19. Ummm....which one of us is the lurker??? Cause....I'm really good at that!

  20. When Omega Fahim was younger, and we wanted to breed my SWB mare. We dug a hole, and made her stand in it. GEEEEAAAWWWDDDD. lol She was 16.2 or 3, he's 15.1 and a half or so.

    He loved her. With all the mares we were breeding he thought she was lovely. He likes those big leggy Swedish girls. lol Of course it had nothing to do with her pen being the closest to his, and them being company for each other.

  21. C3D- not good at lurking if you're posting... lol,
    I think you can guess. Seeing as how we are all so unprofessional in her opinion, yet she wishes to be considered a 'colleague' and freely throws about her condescention, sneering and stalkerish ways, for which she has been judiciously reprimanded not only once, but twice.

    Sorry, but I haven't seen such poor behavior from anyone I would consider a professional, let alone a colleague, peer or friend.

  22. OH...I can have some pretty unprofessional moments. lol Things roll right on out of my mouth. However, I have time to censor myself in my thinking, there is no excuse.

  23. don't have to censor yourself.. we are all adults and family here! Adult language RULES

  24. I don't know, I think if HP gets rolling, it might be a tad scary.

    Just sayin!

  25. HP- let 'er roll! It will surely be entertaining. Beer & popcorn for sure. Foil hats a plenty...

  26. I am a kinder gentler person now. Didn't you all get the damn memo.

  27. HP, yes, I did get the memo, but *cough, snork, giggle*, I put it in the shredder.

  28. Wow, what a gorgeous mare! Now, I do have to say... don't you live down near phoenix somewhere??? I live in Chino Valley, a little north of Prescott... and I don't want to hear about wind! LOL.

    Also, I am a tall girl on a short horse... I am 5'9 and my horses are both around 14.3.... you don't want to trade your lovely warmblood for a grade paint with an attitude, do ya? ;)

    I will say, any time I ride anything over 15 hands (which it has been a long time since I've ridden anything other than my own) I feel like I'm teetering on top of the Empire State Building... guess that's what I get for learning on QH's.

    BTW, I read your blog from time to time, and I think this is my first comment, but I love it. I learn about a lot of things... I love the horsey blogosphere. :)

    *done rambling*

  29. Amy- Yes I am down near Phoenix and this mare came from Dewey, not too far from you. lol

    It was windy when we went to pick her up. And I forgot to bring a sweatshirt or coat or something. Froze while standing there so I leaned against her side and started scratching her tummy. She reached around to nuzzle me in thanks.

    AAH- Glad to see a new person in the comments! Welcome aboard.

    You can both email me if you want, always good to make new friends!