Friday, November 20, 2009

Still waters run deep

For each of us there is a different a reason for our bonding with horses. Within that reasoning or bond there are things which just strike a chord that drives it all home. Things that bring us a sense of peace, pride, happiness or all of the above. A smell or sound that just adds to the depth of our connection.

For me there is just nothing in the world like being in the barn on a cool day, hearing rain on the roof while the horses munch on their food. Nothing comes close. At least not if we are keeping it in the barn...

Fighting for second would be the smell of a horse and their breath when they nuzzle you for cookies or scratches in that one spot. Standing next to them in turnout, the smell of leather in the tack room, grain in the feed room and hay brought in from the field. All good things that relax the body, sooth the mind and carry your worries away.

What does it for you? What brings you those thoughts and feelings making everything so worth everything you put into it? And we all know, there are a lot of things that go into having, keeping and even just riding a horse. What makes you keep going back to the barn for more?

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  1. My quiet companionable horses do it for me. Those that are just quiet, friendly company. If things are going bad, I can just go out and hang out with my girls. The older girls are just so pleasant, so present.

  2. I guess for me it's the sense of wonder and awe that I feel when I'm honored to be trusted by an alien mind. I can join their honest herd and forget about everything but their joy in life.

  3. HAY BREATH!!!! Love it. Sweaty Tack in a close second but I love hay breath. When I had Ian, it was a rough time so I spent alot of time crying in his stall while he wondered what was going on. Just knowing there was no condemnation during that "time" was great. Unfortunately once I'd put my foot in the stirrup..the love was over.

  4. The click on, the commune, whatever you want to call it.
    That moment when...

  5. So many things , the "boys" when they run in at my call, the babies ,when they first decide I am OK... When my horse whichever it is drops his or her head over my shoulder and just lets out that sigh.

  6. When grumpy old man Spunky comes up to me and asks me scritch on him because he wants me to, not because I make him.

    When Buck, the big ole Perch nickers at me in his girly/boy voice early in the morning because I have come to feed but gives me a warm nuzzle on my neck too.

    When Whinnie and Wizard come and hang out with me when cleaning up because they want to. Hey Mom, whatcha doing? Here, I have an itchy spot on back or my head needs a good rubbing and a big kiss.

    I am just getting some of my pacas to do the same, but will share that later.

  7. I forgot the call to fly. that is beyond addicting.

  8. I meant scent. I can spell, I swearz.

  9. Oh, the list is LONG! Here's the abbreviated version: Their wonderful scent, a nuzzle of affection, great joy in the simple things, a willingness to learn, amazing empathy, absolute individuality... Um wait, I did say abbreviated (er, sorry - got a bit carried away :o)

  10. I just got a laugh from seeing-

    Every avitar has a picture of a horse in it! Including my own.

    How funny is that?

  11. Except for mine, CNJ... :)

    First and foremost for me it's the smell. Hay, grain, poo, tack, all of it. I didn't realize how strong that assocation is until I got back into horses over 10 years ago after 8 years of being away from them. When I went to the stable, I got out of my car and the smell hit me. I literally almost swooned and tears welled in my eyes. I knew I was home again.

    Then it's the look. The look in the horse's eyes when they prick their ears up and focus right on you and walk toward you when you go in the stall or turnout. They aren't asked to come to you, they just do it. It's that very interested look--hello, what are you doing? Can I get some scratches? My wonderful mare Apache did it to me today. She wasn't going in her stall for her afternoon snack, so I went to go into the turnout to shoo her in there. She walked straight up to me with The Look. I scratched her between her ears then shooed her off. She went right into her stall.

    Third is the true bond that you forge that absolutely cannot bebroken. I am so glad that Apache and I have it again after all these years of being apart. Being able to walk out there and know her every move, her every thought, and for her to know mine...that is just amazing.

    (For those of you who don't know, I got my very first horse back last month due to the owners not being able to keep her anymore. She is my dream horse and will never be sold again.)