Friday, November 6, 2009

Find a happy place

Costa Rica waterfall

While we all have things come up in our lives that make us happy or just send us completely over the edge in anger, there are images of places that bring us back to rationality.

Images that bring us a sense of peace. Places that give us the feeling of content.

Bay View Resort

While another poster has recently found a place where things in the horse world are very similar, I have found it as a personal sanctuary. A place I can shift over to, while harboring thoughts of beautiful landscapes, excellent weather and few cares to be found. Not an ounce negativity to be felt.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

A place where there are no bills to be paid, no phone to ring, no traffic, no commute, no deadlines, no restrictions, no requirements and in general no ties to bind. Nothing there I do not want, need or wish to see.

An abundance of fresh powder for skiing, giant waves for surfing, quiet green woodlands and open meadows to ride in.

The wildlife native to the area is seen but not a threat. Maybe they are just as curious and awe struck, by your presence?

Or maybe you just find yourself sprawled out in a hammock beneath the trees or in a comfortable chair with a good book, warm drink and a fire in the wood stove...

Where do you retreat to? Where do you go? Where is your land of euphoria and what does it hold for you?


  1. First

    Euphoria for me is rolling around on the floor with two of the most precious little girls in the world. And spending the night with my family. Shit, I have gone sappy!

    Other than that in the cutting pen works for me or being on a mountain somewhere that there is the smell of a fire in the cabin.( preferably in a fire place).

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  3. - Snuggling with my little daughter as she falls asleep

    - A certain corner on the family farm in Iowa, watching the sun rise over the contoured fields and the river valley and listening to the larks and crickets while the prairie wind clears my head

    - In the Badlands of South Dakota, looking out over the weathering of centuries with that same prairie wind sweeping your brain clean

    - In the woods, hiking with my dog (and sometimes my kid)

    - On a Southern Indiana trail, on a good horse in an old-growth forest

    - Watching my daughter run around in naked wild abandon with her beloved cousins

    - In the Rocky Mountains, smelling the mountain sage and watching a storm roll in

    - Driving a good car down a straight road with the music CRANKED!

  4. Beach in Aruba..cell phones don't work. Beer comes in a bucket on ice. Work can't find you, work can't find your HUSBAND either!! Just the two of you hanging and reconnecting.

    Or hanging out at Debbie's playing with Braveheart and his kids! Of course I have to bake a cheesecake to get in the gate but it's worth it
    When my Grandparents were alive..Tucson! Oh running out to the fields to play with the new foals, hang out by the pond, run over to the DeCarlo's grab the horses. Ride to the corner store get cigs and saltines. Smoke and eat on the way home (we were soooo sneaky) or take the horses swimming.

  5. I am lucky in that my happy place is right here where I am . I love this little patch of heaven that I live on , even in the cold weather there is beauty to be found. Not to say that I don't enjoy my little holidays to warmer climates , but there really is nothing like coming home!
    Great post!

  6. Aw JR, you are such a big softy. Makes me smile, I wish my daughter's father had been like you.

    I am like Fern, I love my little farm. Being out with my ponies and doggies makes me happy. And now, being with my Alpacas and watching my little crias romp brings lots of peace.

    I have traveled to lots of places and enjoyed it very much, but I am now at a time in my life where home is really where I want to be. It is so peaceful and laid back here. I crave that.

  7. My dogs are my happy place.

    Or British Columbia.
    Vancouver and area.

  8. The girls. All 3 of them.
    The horses- my girls (the two TB mares).
    My dog Abbygail with the Waggily Tail.
    Of course JR. My sounding board that I bounce thoughts, ideas, questions and pretty much everything off of.

    The smell of bacon and coffee, cooked on a campfire in the mountains. The smell of wet creosote bushes in the desert after a rain.

    Sunrise from the rooftop of a house.
    The beach.
    And pretty much anywhere my family or friends are gathered...

  9. My new "happy place" just arrived at his new home today. Hopped right in the trailer, settled right in.


    I feel all hippity hoppity.

  10. CP- That is just awesome! I hope we hear more about him.