Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Topic of Taboo- the final chapter

In the performance horse industry, people go through a lot of things to prepare their horses before a show, but very few of them, when comparing the entire industry, go as far as sanding the horses hooves. Unless of course they are buying into the main ring BS of their breed associations and clubs.

So why is anyone even sanding hooves to begin with? Good question! Why are people doing a lot of questionable, cruel and otherwise unethical things to the horses before they go into the ring? They are trying to stand out in a way that catches the judges eye in hopes of winning. Otherwise they are trying to fit in by following the trend instead of starting their own, if you will.

As I have stated, Horsepoor has stated and many have never experienced at a show, the judge does NOT walk by, reach down to touch or otherwise feel the hoof to judge it's texture, let alone dock you points for them not being sanded. The judge(s) also cannot see it from their position at the side or center of the ring as you travel down the rail, complete your test or pattern, clear the jumps or work the cow.

*I will note here, the ONE place I did not see sanded hooves at the Scottsdale Arabian show, was the arena where cutting and working cow classes were being held.*

The only place I can imagine sanding holding any form of relevance though, is the In Hand classes. Halter & showmanship. That's it. But let's question it's "justification" even there, shall we?

Halter and Sport Horse In Hand classes are often viewed as the "Breeding Classes". These horses are a representation of the best the breeder has produced when trying to achieve their goal of creating a horse who fits the breed standard to the letter and is structurally as close as they can get. Not every foal a breeder produces is good enough to be shown halter and even within the breeds, the halter only vs. performance barns, the horses vary in their build and what is expected from them.

Some may consider sanding the hoof to a glassy smooth finish as a way of "enhancing to the look of the hoof". Yes it certainly adds to a "finished" look, but this can be viewed a couple of different ways. Are you using methods & products to improve the hoof or just enhance the looks of it? If the hoof is in good shape to begin with, why does it need 'improving'? Are the hooves in poor enough shape that they require sanding to make them look better than what they really are? If that is the case, the horse should not be at the show. After all, you are putting your "best horse" out there as the standard to which your breeding program will be judged by.

In showmanship classes, the handler is judged on their ability to control the horse and how well they have presented them. Again, is sanding, something that could be considered as a step taken to hide a flaw? Does sanding present you as someone who is thorough in their work and sees to the smallest of details? Or does it instead show you as willing to do whatever it takes to hide things in order to win?

Another person spoke about sanding and mentioned using alcohol to stop bleeding that may occur from sanding the hoof. Bottom line- if they are bleeding, there is a problem! Blood does not look good on your resume`. Never has, never will.

While alcohol does stop the bleeding by shrinking the capillaries, it stings! I have had it poured on a cut before. I didn't like the feel of it and won't do it to a horse to fix a problem I created.

The only use for alcohol in concerns to show preparation, is to remove all conditioners or coat enhancing bath products, before attempting to apply hoof polish. These things keep the polish from sticking to the hoof. Pour the alcohol on a rag, wipe the hoof down, then apply the polish. It goes much easier this way without wasting your hoof polish and wondering why it isn't doing what it is supposed to.

Many claim the hoof polish dries out their horses hooves. Do they ever consider the polish to be a chemical replacement for the hoof's natural moisture barrier they just sanded off? Alcohol used to remove the coat conditioning products, doesn't exactly moisturize the hoof before the polish goes on, and if I knew of another product to recommend, I would with no qualms. Do they consider that maybe the polish remover is also drying out the hoof? That could very well be part of the issue in a nutshell.

While the hooves do need to be attended to before a class at your next show, many times it starts long before you even mailed off your entries. Better breeding and better feeding is the beginning of nice hooves on a horse. Your choice of a farrier also makes a huge difference in the horses appearance and how they travel. That is what you want to get noticed for in the ring. Doing things right, just as it should be.


  1. "Better breeding and better feeding is the beginning of nice hooves on a horse"
    I believe you nailed it! (pardon the pun)

  2. Wait??? You have to breed better horses? How dare you demand people be responsible! It's much easier to use power tools, drugs and bicyle chains. Get real CNJ..you've lost your mind. You expect WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much.

  3. applause, applause!
    Standing Ovation!!!!!
    Wave sweeps through the entire blogger stadium!
    Thousands cheer, hoisting CNJ upon their shoulders!
    10's of thousands of Horses whinny with gratitude and relief!
    General pandemonium ensues.
    Entirely dust free.

    To the Horse, and his Periople.
    We stand on guard for.....

    Plus, you save on electricity bills!

  4. http://horseadoption.com/armands-joy/

    Isn't she cute?

    GL...I wanna be smart like you instead of the smart ass who landed on her head one too many times.

  5. Hey, C3D.
    I am Canadian;)
    We be geniuses up here. Check out Fern's horses...

    I only whacked my head once, no wait, twice, no, okay, Three Times..
    Two of them horse related.

    Cute face on that mare.
    11 babies! Jeesh, what comes after Octo-Mom??
    Good luck to her!

  6. Teachers! I have an answer. I actually knows something.
    I do.
    Wanna hear?
    I mean read?
    Okay, I will share.
    Any type of facial astringment, noxema pads, and/or witch hazel.
    I am brilliant.
    In lieu of the alcohol.
    You can't see me but I am doing the touchdown dance.
    I lurvs hanging around such insanely intelligent people.

    Breed a better horse. *snerk*
    THAT is funny. Won't make you more popular with that set.
    But who gives a craptastic $%#^?

    YAY CnJ!!!

  7. And because I have to be 7.lol

  8. Kudos, Dena!

    Good call. I hate alcohol, either interiorly or exteriorly, except for medicinals..

    It is so tough on skin. Inside skin, too.

    Amazing stuff.

  9. Honest question ~ this comment:

    "Another person spoke about sanding and mentioned using alcohol to stop bleeding that may occur from sanding the hoof."

    Who was it that said this? I don't recollect that I have ever read such a thing or ever seen such a thing done.

    Thank you in advance for the answer.

  10. You can't see me but now I am gagging.
    Go the fuck away already would ya!?!
    Damn you are inordinately thick!

    Oh and it is good to see you posting and your avatar looks great!

    Gotta go and clean my screen again now.

  11. I think the point of the alcohol comments, Stacey, is that it is a very common solvent in polish removers.
    Most solvents are toxic and carcinogenic.
    Alcohol will remove all moisture, by stripping it right off.
    Alcohol, if applied to an over-sanded hoof, would really, really, REALLy dry it out.
    Applied to a bleeding hoof?
    It would cauterize.

    But hey, what do I know?

  12. I understand the actions and reactions involved with using alcohol, Barb, what I was asking is who would use such a thing on a bleeding hoof. It was mentioned that someone said that ~ I was asking who.

  13. Yawn! Cnj could you email me when it's over?

  14. sfts- in your never ending plight to always take things as if they are aimed at you, turn it all around and throw out the 'victim' card every chance you get... If my statement was ever in fact aimed at you, don't you think I would have said so?

    If you wish to read the statement, type 'hoof sanding', 'sanded hooves', or any combination of such, into your browsers search engine and have at it. There are plenty of forums, blogs and otherwise, devoted to the topic. I'm sure you can find it sice you seem to have plenty of time to do so. Have fun! *waves*

  15. Careful, CnJ, you know the FBI is monitoring everything these days, you know.
    Why with the total lack of kidnappings, terrorists, murderers and such, all attention is directed to emails. Bery, bery important people's emails.

  16. cutnjump, I don't recall even thinking such an outrageous statement would have been attributed to me, which is why I was asking who it was that would say something like that. I shall do a search for those comments. Thank you for your reply.

  17. "I understand the actions and reactions involved with using alcohol"

    yeah, no kidding.

    You missed the part about it being kinda bad, then, I would guess.
    Sorta like the sanding thingy.
    Berry bad.

  18. Since this has also been brought to my attention, I will address it to hopefully put an end to it.

    sfts- please read carefully as I will not be stating this again. Then again, I shouldn't even have to be stating it now... *sigh*

    I have received several emails in concern to you addressing myself and others by name, rather than screen name. I never granted you permission to do so and I am not aware of others having granted you permission either. From the emails I have received, permission has clearly NOT been granted and is merely yet another grandiose display of your lack of manners. If you wish to continue posting here, please refrain from doing so. If you cannot, your posts will be deleted.

    They will be deleted, because you have already proven yourself unable to stick to your word. And yet you are proclaiming to be a professional?

    If you are hoping others will still be able to read your words, post them on your own blog. Otherwise, rest assured, not all of us have every blog we read, set to direct every post to our emails. The posts are up for us to see whenever we check in. Just like we don't consider that flood of emails to be our sea of adoring fans.

    As far as me naming the source of the statement you refer to in the OP, I will not do so. Why should I and why do I need to? So others can berate and belittle them for expressing their belief in how things are done? So they and others cannot instead, learn another way of doing things?

    Good luck with that. Keep looking. Run along now, you have some searching to do if you hope to find it. Shall I set a timer to see how long it takes?

  19. For clarification-

    >I don't recall even thinking such an outrageous statement would have been attributed to me,...<

    *cough* bullshit *cough*

    If not, why would you post or ask?

  20. "You missed the part about it being kinda bad, then, I would guess."

    What? Where did you read that? I missed something related to alcohol on hooves being bad? Huh?

    cutnjump, I was not aware that it was a massive faux pas to address someone by their name. Pardon and forgive me for that sin.

    Berated and belittled ~ apparently that is only reserved for me. Sigh.

    Carry on with your unprofessional blog.

  21. Don't worry, I will!

    Still looking? It's there.

  22. STFS,did you actually just give CNJ PERMISSION to carry on with her own blog?
    WOW , sanctimonious twit!

    to quote a favorite of mine "would you mind terribly if I asked you to take your silly assed problems down the hall to someone who, perchance ,gives a shit?"

  23. SFTS

    There again life revolves around you!

    Wasn't it JR that said in regards to you

    "it's true fairy gawd mother, everyone wants to be me!"


    I believe it is sanctimonious twunt!

    Sorry for the abusive language.

    I hope you do not mind me posting here CNJ

  24. You know sfts. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in you head. But then I realize being in a vacuum sucks!

  25. Not at all Toadie. Just try to keep it, well, as 'unprofessional' as it has been according to one...

    *brushes off the negativity and watches it squirm on the ground*

    Yes the view is far better on the high road.

  26. I'm so confused..but SFTS..it actually is a faux pas to address folks by name. I'm not attacking you but I've made the same mistake and was severely chastised.

  27. Thanks c3d, I don't understand it exactly, however I guess in some places that is the case. Thank you again.

  28. Nothing relevant to say to the Professionals, Non-Professionals and the Anti-Professional here.

    Just wanting to wave howdy to TSB!!!!

    ***waving madly from here***

  29. Hey NC how you been??? I lost your blog when my 'puter died. You still keeping it up?

    Sorry for the HI-Jack CNJ

  30. Hi C3D- I am doing great-
    I did do an update recently on the new blog- hoping to catch up to the present as soon as I catch my breath.


    Life is good. Bery, bery good.

  31. You all are funny... Toadstool Bob so very nice to see your righteous inDIGnation directed at such a well derserving target.:)

    NCC I know that Richard would have folded his index finger, waved it strong and proud, and called the experience vindicating and liberating.

  32. This post's title sounds like a Skinemax movie...

    The halter horse industry is like Catwalk Fashion: very extreme and nothing you'd have in real life, yet it drives the design of the real-world product.....

    QH Halter industry actually would be more like the world of Bodybuilding, where over-padded/muscled physiques are worshipped and glorified - no matter how they get there.

  33. Right down to the steroids Cattypex! My rule of thumb is...never try on jeans that make the dummy's butt look flabby, and never try on anything that makes a model look fat, and don't ever try to really ride the inbred show mutant horses. There are a lot of great horses in the show world, but the extreme ones scare me...