Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Luck!

I wish to take a quick moment to extend my best wishes to Mary and Megan and their horse "Peanut" who I clipped for their show the Fall Festival where they will be showing him in the Sport Horse division.

I also wish to extend a shout out to their trainer Kelli of Shamrock Horsemanship for helping bring them as far along as they have come. Good luck to you and your students.


  1. Ohhhhhhh.....I'm first!!!! ha ha take that Dena

  2. C3D- I emailed to ask for permission first. Also to possibly include a link to the trainers website.

    She used to blog with us! So hows that for ya?

  3. since when are YOU polite!!! Oh..since we cross blog on Fugs..I need someone to get me my AQHA pedigree. Reg Name: Joe Profit, deceased, owner: Pat O'Brien. I need his pedigree for a Christmas present.

  4. Interesting Link,CNJ!


    and good luck to Peanut!

  5. Best wishes to Peanut.

    I am totally clueless about Arabian Shows. What do they do in Sporthorse?

  6. Isn't a "Sporthorse" an Arabin that can actually jump and/or do dressage?

    I had a friend who had an adorable Arab that she showed Dressage at Arab shows back in the mid 80s. I was always kind of suspicious, because she wore a fancified shadbelly getup, and I would bet you dollars to donuts that they never went much higher than First level.... she was a decent rider, but not big on THINKING about riding, if you know what I mean. Mostly her trainer would remote-control her....

  7. From 1977 comes this tidbit:


    ALso, I forgot to say that "Peanut" is such an awesome barn name.


    Also I DO go on, but as of Saturday, I will be horseful!!!!

  8. Watch out for the evil cowboy robots at West World!


    That always cracks me up... it's like Nortwest Airlines with the big NWA on their planes, and me wondering when Easy E is gonna rise up from the dead.

    Yes I am so Gen X.

  9. CCC- Within the Arab circles, Sport Horse incorporates hunters, jumpers, dressage and also combined driving events. At the shows though, very few of them have the CDE classes. There are in hand classes, under saddle classes, separate dressage classes, over fences classes, etc. This division looks for or maybe allows the movement we all have come to appreciate, not the crap we often see in the ring.

    Hunters in the main ring seem to have become the dumping grounds for the horses that can't make it in the Country English Pleasure classes. CEP classes were started for those horses who had the breeding and higher set neck (headset) for English Pleasure, but not the movement. When CEP started- excessive movement was to be penalized.

    What we see happening is a horse can't make it in one class, so they try another. Park shifts over to EP, EP shifts over to CEP, CEP shifts over to hunter, and then they shift over to SH. Dammit, the horse has to win somewhere!

    SH has also long been pushed to the outskirts of the facility and somewhat ignored or passed off, although they will bring in judges such as Hilda Gurney for the shows... WTH?

    And yes, I know of at least one person who is surrounded by negativity that will vehemently disagree with me. Do I care? Not at all. She can go wallow in and drown in the cesspool of her own making.

  10. CP- that is great news! I am so happy for you. Congrats! I know he will have a great home. You must be so happy.

  11. Thanks for all the good luck wishes to Peanut! My girls are so excited for Saturday... I will let you all know how it goes. And thanks, Cattypex :) His barn name is Peanut because his reg. name is Fortunes Fate, and when he came we already had a half arab named First Fortune in our barn. Both of them are chestnut and went by Fortune, so first it was Purebredfortune and Halffortune, but that got old so then Purebredfortune became PB, which then became Peanut Butter, which is now just Peanut. :) Here is a link to one of his pics from Saguaro last year, and another one at Region VII.

  12. **He's the far right in the middle row of pics from Saguaro, and wearing blue roses in the pics from Region VII**

  13. Sorry GL. I was 14th. Maybe the next topic?

    Kellimare, if you can send some photo's I'll put them up. And I am changing it to the clicky link in the post as we speak. Or maybe rather as I type? Sheesh.

  14. Awwww... he's right purty! :)

    I love athletic Arabs. Peanut looks like a very nice mover. I don't know why there aren't more Arabs & NSH's competing in regular dressage. They've got the swan thing already, and horses built like Peanut usually have a good reachy stride....

    I'm short and fat, but I favor longish lean horses. *sigh*

    Hee hee,, my Catty Pex started out as Cat X.... it evolved into Cattypex.

    Thanks CNJ, I'm busting with happiness!! Tomorrow night I'm hauling out my tack trunk stashed over at my parents' barn.... gotta clean it out and get rid of old Show Sheen & stuff. ;)

    Also I have to get a 52" girth. Ol' Chip is BIG barrelled!

  15. TOTALLY OT, but we've discussed property values before...

    Here is a very nice horse property in my area. (I've been there.)


    Yes, the grass is green from March - October...

  16. As for horses shifting divisions, I swear AQHA HUS was developed for horses deemed "too fast" for Western Pleasure.


  17. Good Luck Kelli!

    Nice meeting you last weekend!

  18. Thank you JR... you too!
    Here's one more pic from Region VII that I looove. He's the second one in in the middle row. Pony can trot like nobody's business ;-)

  19. Clicky Link to photo Kellimare references.

    DANG! He has some nice movement! And a GREAT photo showing how much their movement can be enhanced when you are both confident and working together as a team. The horse is relaxed, his head is up- he can see where he is going, yet he is balanced, in the bridle and moving off his rear end. BEEEEYOOOTIFUL!

    You don't get results like this by taking shortcuts, cheating or using gimmicks. Not for very long anyways.

    Kellimare- It kinda goes without saying, but since it is always nice to hear, proof is in the photo-

    Your team rocked it!


    So often we see dressage/HS Arabs overbent, but this is an AWESOME photo!!!!!

    Everything CNJ said.

  21. Kellimare- I was just looking at some of the pictures from the class. One of the bay's with a dressage saddle on, is that the person we discussed who shows amature, but is taking money for training and lessons? If so, all I can say is WOW! Sheesh.

  22. Another thing I noticed in the pictures, with the exception of a couple riders, their position is good, horses look good, etc.

    So why are the trainers in the open classes all riding like crap and their horses move like they are sore, dumped on the forehand and overbridled?

    Seems there may be hope, at least for the next generation!

  23. CnJ - Sure is. My half arab won the open and took reserve in the ATR against said bay though... ;o)

  24. Awee thanks guys ;) I hope Peanut and [i] do well too :D Thanks CNJ for making my pony naked lol. he looks really good!

  25. Clicky link for the right class featuring Peanut & Megan in the middle row, second pic from the left...


    We messed up on that one a bit. *sigh*

    Hope things went well at the show.

  26. Team Shamrock wound up having a great show! Peanut and Megan got 2nd in both the open and JTR sport horse classes and reserve in both of the championships :o) They also got a 67% on Intro B, first time showing dressage. I am super proud!
    This is one of my fave pics (he's on the bottom right corner):


    Some of the other pics didn't turn out well... The horses all look weird going to the left.. to me, anyway... haha. I think it was where the photographer was standing. Anyway, thank you again for all of your positive thoughts, everyone - you are all awesome! Next up, Saguaro Classic! Woohoo!